2014 Photos & Race Recap

Mike Digennaro

15K Champion Mike Digennaro

The 32nd Delaware Distance Classic 15K was held on Sunday, Oct 12, 2014 in Delaware City, DE. This page includes photos and gallery links to many more.

This was a new location for the 15K and 5K races after over a decade at the Wilmington Riverfront and the sixth different venue since inception of the race in 1982!

Thanks to PCVRC member Mark DeNio for his photography.

Gallery 1: Delaware City & DDC Race Preps

Gallery 2: 5K Race Photos

Gallery 3: 15K Race Photos

2014 DDC Selected Photos

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2014 5K Race


Video of 2014 DDC 15K Start

Post by Ed Maher of Mid-Atlantic USATF.

The Delaware Distance Classic went off very well! We got lots of compliments on the course and the after-party. NOVA Timing has 273 15k finishers and 45 5k finishers. Great job everyone!

MANY, MANY, MANY thanks to all the volunteers and Pike Creek members who worked to put this on! I know the DDC Committee worked very hard beforehand and during the race to keep everything going without a hitch and I think they pulled it off! Help is always needed in planning so please consider helping out next year even if you are racing in the event.

2014 USATF DDC15k Recap

Near-perfect race conditions greeted the PCVRC Delaware Distance Classic to its new home in Delaware City this past Sunday morning. The race serves as the Mid-Atlantic USATF 15k championship. 52 USATF race team members took up the challenge of the new 15k course route. PCVRC USATF race team sent 18 runners to the line in what proved to be a fast course. Fittingly PCVRC was well represented on both the leader board (5 of the top 10) and deep into the age group categories as well. Top performances from PCVRC included overall winner Mike DiGennaro, and women’s runner up Sarah Rusk.

PCVRC Member 5K Results

Doug White 24:38.0 (1st AG)
Ben Mack 25:44.5 (1st AG)
Stacey Schiller 26:19.3 (1st AG)
Noel Dietrich 27:55.5 (2nd AG)
Jim Bray 30:10.5 (3rd AG)
Nancy Fleming 30:41.5 (3rd AG)
Kathy Belardo 35:04.3 (3rd AG)
Paula Jermyn 41:43.8

PCVRC Member 15K Results

Mike DiGennaro 48:53.6 (1st Overall)
Jay Coughenour 55:16.3 (3rd Overall)
David Wiechecki 57:17.8 (1st AG)
Dan Suher 57:41.1 (1st AG)
Tom Steenkamer 59:18.1 (2nd AG)
John Costello 1:00:41.0 (2nd AG)
Keith Crispin 1:01:24.3 (2nd AG)
Sarah Rusk 1:01:42.6 (2nd Overall Female)
Matt Cutrona 1:01:43.3 (3rd AG)
Karl Kalbacher 1:03:06.3 (3rd AG)
Mike Brown 1:03:48.1
Jennifer Loren 1:05:58.6 (1st AG)
Christopher James 1:08:31.1
Mike Piorkowski 1:08:35.8
Wesley Stafford 1:09:59.4
Carole Feole 1:11:31.9 (1st AG)
Tom Zimmerman 1:13:36.9
David Baca 1:15:23.4
Tony Chelpaty 1:18:34.9
John Hand 1:18:46.4
Beth Howlett 1:19:30.4 (2nd AG)
Barbara Chelpaty 1:20:44.4
Lorri Fencer 1:20:44.9
Michelle Zechman 1:22:12.2
Lori Culnane 1:22:14.6
Kristen Pombo 1:25:51.9
Rudy Antonini 1:32:04.9
Theresa Cannon 1:34:55.9 (with her arm in a sling, no less!)
Robert Roche 1:36:22.4
Lenora Wagner 1:38:08.4
Gerald Herman 1:38:46.9 (3rd AG)
Amy Temple 2:14:30.0